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How to be Vigilant for Human Trafficking - Toronto Police

The Toronto Police have been working with RCMP, CBSA, the Red Cross and community partners to support the influx of potential vulnerable Ukrainian woman.

If anyone has concerns or suspect suspicious activity related to Human Trafficking or Exploitation of new arrivals, please contact their office.

They can be reached between 7am –midnight at 905-453-2121 ext 3555 or by e-mail They will review your complaint and speak to the persons involved.

For example:

o If an Ukrainian woman is going to leave the Airport with someone who they found on the internet that is suspicious, please email us the Ukrainian females cell phone information and as much information you have. We will call the female and ensure she is ok and ensure she is making an informed decision. We will explain there are resources available and redirect her to those resources. If something criminal has taken place to harm the female we will take action and start an investigation.

o If someone is inquiring about young Ukrainian females to house that seems suspicious please provide as much detail and we will conduct an investigation.

o If someone does not report to a home and is possibly a missing person please let us know

o If there is a complainant that someone is feeling physically abused or forced into the sex trade please let us know

Additional resources below.

Download PDF • 1.06MB

Download PDF • 491KB

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